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My Lovely Boxer (2023) Episode 9

My Lovely Boxer (2023) Episode 9

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Other name: 순정복서 순정복서 이권숙 純情拳擊手 纯情拳击手 Sunjeongbokseo Sunjeongbokseo Ikwonsuk My Lovely Boxer, Kwonsook Pure Boxer Pure Boxer Lee Kwon Suk My Lovely Boxer, Kwon Sook Дорама Невинный боксер

Kim Tae Young is a cold-blooded sports agent. He draws talented players into the sports field and makes as much money from them in a short period of time, before they burn out. One of his clients is Kim Hee Won. He is an excellent baseball pitcher and, unlike his other clients, he also means something to Kim Tae Young. For Kim Hee Won, who is in a difficult situation, Kim Tae Young receives a task to bring female boxer Lee Kwon Sook back to the boxing ring. 3 years ago, Lee Kwon Sook emerged as an elite boxer at the age of 17. She was undefeated in all of her matches and she brought popularity to the sport. Suddenly, Lee Kwon Sook disappeared. For Kim Hee Won, Kim Tae Young approaches Lee Kwon Sook, who has started a new life away from boxing.
Adapted from the novel "Sunjeongbokseo Ikwonsuk" (순정복서 이권숙) by Choo Jong Nam (추종남).
Episodes: 12
Original Network: KBS2,
Director: Hong Eun Mi [홍은미] and Choi Sang Yeol [최상열]
Country: Korean
Status: Ongoing
Released: 2023
Genre: Drama, Novel, Sports, Youth,