Beautiful Life

Beautiful Life

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Other name: ビューティフルライフ Days Spent Together
Kyoko, a young woman with an unhindered spirit despite being physically bound to a wheelchair due to illness, and Shuji, a stylish and popular fashion magazine hairstylist, are brought together in a fateful traffic incident. Despite their confrontational meeting, they soon find themselves falling in love, with Shuji drawn to her courage and enthusiasm and Kyoko attracted to his ability to look beyond her physical limitations and into her heart. However, Kyoko's protective older brother and her worsening condition begin to test the bounds of their love for each other and threaten to end their beautiful life together.
Director: Doi Nobuhiro [土井裕泰]
Country: Japanese
Status: Completed
Released: 2000
Genre: Drama, Romance, Tragedy,



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